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Vietnam E-bike Tours Agency offers fun, inspired adventures by e-bike in Saigon, its surroundings and soon all over Vietnam. We are pleased to announce the opening of our agency starting with some private and exclusive one day tours. We encourage travelers from all walks (or rides) of life to give the rides a try. You don’t need to be an experienced rider to enjoy our tours thanks to our 100% green electric engine that assist you while you pedal. With the help of our experienced guides in small private groups, you will enjoy the pleasure of e-biking. Our comfortable and stylish bikes will help you discover hidden back roads and new activities that you wouldn’t think possible.

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Future of transportation

If you have not been cycling for a few months or are not used to covering so many miles in a single day, our e-bikes will help to ensure that you have a fabulous time on your holiday and do not overdo it at any stage of the journey. With a rechargeable electric motor to power the booster that is fitted to each one, our e-bikes are environmentally friendly as well as great fun to ride. You will still need to pedal your bike but can gain from having assistance whenever you need it.